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Waupaca’s Hansen’s Auto Exchange to Become Oakland Car Dealership Replica

John “Gunner” Gunnell, owner of Gunner’s Great Garage in Manawa, has expanded his operation to Waupaca.

Waupaca Real Estate - Gunners garage Hansen Auto

He recently purchased the former Hansen’s Auto Exchange building at 112 Granite St., Waupaca.

“My plan is to slowly start decorating the old showroom inside the building like a car dealership from 1917,” Gunnell said. “By next summer, we should be working on cars in the building and it’s likely that we’ll also have automotive books and collectibles for sale there as well.”

According to Gunnell, the Waupaca location will be known as Gunner’s Great Garage – Yellowstone Garage Division/Hansen Building.

His main location will continue to be Gunner’s Great Garage, located at E6110 Fuhs Road, Manawa. It serves as a restoration shop, automotive book shop and art gallery.

For the complete story go to the Waupaca County Post

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Waupaca Real Estate - Gunners garage Hansen Auto 2


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